Steel Zirconline

Dangling Bindi Bananabell

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The “Dangling Bindi” navelpiercing of our Steel Zirconline® collection has one fixed and one screwable ball. Both balls are decorated with clear cubic zirconia crystals. The slightly curved bar is externally threaded.
The complete piece of jewelry is made of high quality 316L surgical steel with a PVD coating that will make your jewelry shine in a beautiful gold. The jewelry has a thickness of 1.6 mm. Incidentally, all threads in our jewelry collections are standardized, so you can combine the rings, balls, rods and attachments in the right strength with each other!
Like all basics of the Steel Zirconline®, the item can be sterilized in an autoclave and because of the skin-friendliness of the material, it is also completely safe for allergy sufferers.


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1,6 mm


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